Spinning Away On A Melancholy Hill (che a dirlo fa un po' Summer On A Solitary Beach)

Spinning Away - Brian Eno And John Cale

(sono ovviamente sotto con On Melancholy Hill dal nuovo disco dei Gorillaz: canzoncina fragilissima tristanzuola e felice insieme in cui Damon Albarn telefona sopra una cover moonsafarica alla Air di - maccosè, uhm, ce l'ho sulla punta della lingua, giusto! - quelle canzoncine fragilissime felici e tristanzuole insieme di Brian Eno come Spinning Away. Canto una sull'altra e viceversa e non è un mashup, per una volta)

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maxcar ha detto...

"SPINNING AWAY is a very easy one for me to talk about, because it has a feature that I like a lot, and that I have used before as well. I like very much to have contrasts of speed. For instance I like to have very very fast staccato rhythms, chopped-up rhythms, which very liquid vocals running over the top of them. Maybe the best example of this is not on one of my records, but on the Donna Summer song "I Feel Love" with Georgio Moroder playing. The synthesizer part on that is very very technological and mechanical, Kraftwerk almost, but her singing over it is just like a beautiful liquid feeling going on over the top. Anyway, I have that kind of feeling in Spinning Away, something of two very opposing qualities: a rhythm that is staccato, off-balance slightly. If you listen to the way the drums begin on that song, they have a strange, off-balance feeling. Their sound is crisp. The vocals on the other hand, and the violins are not played in the same mood, they're in almost a different musical universe. They float on top of this sea of action, you know, this sea of activity. And the violins play in a different time signature: dam dam dam dam dada over taka tak taka taka taka tak taka taka... Well, actually I'm not very good at talking about that particular piece of music (laughs)." -- Brian Eno, intervistato da Michael Engelbrecht

(chissà perché invece Stylo ha un coro sullo sfondo che mi ricorda la cover di I Want You di Marvin Gaye fatta da Madonna coi Massive Attack)

magomarcelo ha detto...

cantato e musica che se ne van ognuno per i fatti loro mi fa jungle... mi recupero inner city life di goldie e anche gorillaz se ti piglia così tanto, io per il momento sono incollato alla resa 3D dei nostri nel video di Stylo: http://www.youtube.com/get_video?fmt=22&video_id=h9vAOzYz-Qs&t=vjVQa1PpcFO5X0cknPy9FRtAq-0zoKk9f8qB3HJQCT8%3D