"Hi folks,
After 17 years we are now announcing the retirement of the Wighnomy Brothers DJ project. We will continue to play until 31/12/2009. From then on Sören (Monkey Maffia) and Gabor (Robag Wruhme) will still be there for you - but separately. We would like to thank all of you who kept faith with us in front, besides and behind the turntables. Thank you for the never to be forgotten memories on all dancefloors across the world! Good bye and take care!"

From: Disco To: Disco (Wighnomy Brothers Mittmikks Mix) - Whirlpool Productions

(sporco, sbagliato e ubriaco. triste e finale a suo modo, anche se mica smettono)

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la_scarpa_che_respira ha detto...

commento più banale e vero non c'è: se ne vanno sempre i migliori (e mai nessuno di quelli spocchiosi da 80 minuti a set)

Michel, Isabelle, Lion, Otto... ha detto...

Hi, this remix can still be listened to on Hypemachine, but your link is down and that's very sad news since the remix is so nice... Would you be kind enough to reeup? thanks for everything,



Michel, Isabelle, Lion, Otto... ha detto...
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