Mio cuggino mio cuggino

Aerosmith wrote "Love in an Elevator" after encountering Arthur Lee on the way up to a meeting at the offices of Sony Music in New York.

"serge gainsbourg" is actually an elaborate hoax perpetuated by european zionists. there have been numerous "serge gainsbourg"s over the years. the hoax was called off--but not revealed--after the fall of the soviet union, for reasons still unclear.

As a Tax evasion scheme, Elton John spent the entirety of 1975 with a dormouse living in his lower intestine.

It would take approximately sixteen years to listen non stop to every song posted on every MP3 blog in the last 12 minutes.

The Pet Shop Boys' song "Left to My Own Devices" features the lyric "Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat". Ironically, Guevara hated Debussy's music, describing it as "reactionary bourgeois indie shite". Debussy, on the other hand, was a huge disco fan, scoring the string arrangements for several classics including Odyssey's "Use It Up and Wear It Out".

Luke Haines is the heir to the throne of Latveria. He refuses to accept his rightful legacy on the basis that "something bad" might happen.

If you try and upload "Carrot Rope" by Pavement to your iPod, iTunes automatically replaces it with "I Got 5 On It" by Luniz.

The chorus of 1997's "Beetlebum" marks the first ever use of the chord C major in Blur's recorded output, as Graham Coxon had only recently overcome his irrational terror of it.

Rapper Nelly's last name really is Furtado.

Nostradamus accurately predicted the rise of Bran Van 3000.

Visionary musician Brian Eno regularly visits internet music sites using the alias "Mr. Snrub".

Aside from you and that Australian guy you met in Goa, absolutely no-one has heard of Manu Chao.

Billy Corgan played the little kid on that robot girl sitcom "Small Wonder."

Billy Corgan played the robot girl on the sitcom "Small Wonder."

Mogwai and Arab Strap signed a joint death pact in 1997, to be acted upon exactly ten years from that date, in 2007. Three weeks later, Aidan Moffat accidentally left the pact in an ex-girlfriend's bedroom. He has not been in contact with her since. Thus, the pact's whereabouts are currently unknown, and it is therefore nullified until it is found. The Arab Strap single "Love Detective" contains veiled references to this incident.

Your copy of Loveless isn't meant to sound like that.

(su I Love Music da luglio continuano a inventarsi leggende metropolitane)

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